So listen

UPDATE ON ME: still 21, still stubborn as hell, still not working, still living with my mom, still bored as all get out, and still single.
My day of birth is at the end of September and we're not even to June yet, so that's why I'm still 21.
I think I'm always going to be this stubborn, but even though I put the last part of the update in bold, I'm not quite as stuck in my stubborn ways as I have been in the past.
Yes, I'm still not working. What point does my life have if I can't go to work and feel accomplished?
I'm still living at home. My dad wants me to move out, I want me to move out, too, but my mom pointed out yesterday that he doesn't have to deal with all of my shenanigans. So I guess I'm stuck here.
I realize that my mom makes it sound like I have crazy stuff going on all the time, but really, I don't. Maybe if I did, I wouldn't be stir-crazy, like I am.
People, I am so beyond stir crazy. So beyond.
And finally, not much has changed, but I'm still single. I'm hoping that, if I blog about it, then it'll change, because that's how it's gone for every other love interest I blogged about. So cross your fingers for me.



My sister, the snow bunny one, has all her friends over right now.
And my other one, Zoe, has the tv on, like always.
Jay and her friends are being kind of loud and my mom is trying to study
At first, I was annoyed, because everything is loud,
but then I have to remind myself to be grateful for all my crazy sisters.
Yes, mom is trying to study,
so yes, we should try to be more quiet,
but Jaymison is trying to have fun with her friends
and Zoe is busy with whatever she's doing.
I need to be more grateful for all of my beautiful sisters.
and I just wanted to have this little post about my wonderful sisters.


It's been a minute

I haven't posted in almost a year and that's just sad. Update on me: I'm 21, still really stubborn, still single, and still not going to college. The whole college thing is a really great story. It's called we, meaning me, my mom, and Billiam, went to UVU and had a pow wow thing with a disability counselor, there's some official title that I can't remember, go figure. Anyways, Jason, the counselor, mostly just talked about my disability. Like I thought we were going to, like, actually enroll me in classes, but apparently that wasn't the purpose. I'm not really sure where we go from here. Idk if any of you even care what's going on in my life, but just in case you do, there you go lol


Jacob Rex Randall

Hi. I went over to your house for dinner tonight. We grilled out and it was exciting because I, myself, had never made anything on the grill before. I'm basically a pro now, in case you were wondering. I love your parents Jake. I wish you were still here, to celebrate things like my first grill out where I actually grill out. I realize now that Jolene isn't your biological mother but she's your mom and that's better anyways. Jolene told me that when you were like twelve, you said that you wished she was your real mom. She also wanted to apologize for your stupid decision that majorly impacted my life but I interrupted her and said that it wasn't your fault at all. You didn't force me to have bad habits, bringing me to not have gas or follow road laws. That was all me. I should be thanking you. I could have been in a worse accident, if I hadn't been in that one that day. I could've been paralyzed or been completely brain dead, or worse, I could physically be asleep, but my brain could be awake. That would be torture. I could be able to remember everything. All the pain, all the trauma, everything. I'd like to think that I'm still here because of you. Sometimes, rarely, I wonder what it would be like if I had died, but then you would be responsible for you death and mine and I don't think you would be able to deal with that for all eternity. I'm excited to see you again. I look forward to it. I miss you. I love you Jake. If there was ever anyone that dying on my way to go see them would be okay, it would be you. You guys just weren't ready for me yet. I love you. 


This Is How I feel

I feel like you are too good to be true
But this is true
I feel like you are rather perfect for me
You're the bee to my bumble
The dips to my yogurt
The mac n to my cheese
The corn to my dog (Disneyland corn dogs are THE best FYI)
You are the toasty marshmallow to my graham cracker covered with Nutella 
You are the peanut butter to my jelly
You're the Edward to my Bella (or the Jacob to my Bella, considering your name is Jacob)
You're the hot to my pocket🔥
You're the other pea to my pod
You are the prince to my fairytale
You're the glue to my Krazy
You're the "you" to my "I love"❤️
You're the answer to my most perplexing life question
You're the quik to my Nes
You're the male lead in my fantasies
You're the best damn thing that I've ever had in my life
You're the Krispy to my rice
You make my life exciting
And you don't even live in the same state as I do
Imagine how exciting life will be when we live in the same state
That is what I'm most excited for(:
Eventually I'll be able to come kiss you
Whenever I want
That is thee most exciting part
It'll be good when we can go do temple work for our families😍
I love you Jacob D. Rouse❤️


Dear Jake

I get that you're busy and all but would it really be so hard to text me before you go to sleep or after you wake up? I don't mean to be a whiney girlfriend, I promise. Just sometimes I get scared. See, I have anxiety. It's not normally an issue. You'll see when I come visit. Have I mentioned that I really like you? Because I do😍😍😍 I like you because you're older than I am, the last one wasn't and look how well that worked out. Also because you're an RM who absolutely loved his mission, which has always been a priority of mine. I need someone who loves the Lord and His church just as much as I do.  I like you because you're a nice, good person. I like you because you're very very attractive. I like you because you're you. I like you because you have a very nonchalant way of telling me what you expect of me. "How important is staying in shape to you?" I've got a lot of work to do, as far as that goes haha I like you because you were the first one to tell me that you could see a future with me. At least with the last one in my life, I had to bring that up first. I thought he was my one but clearly, it wasn't so. He wasn't even in my top 50. He couldn't handle the struggles I have, which aren't as serious as he made them seem. He didn't even have the balls to tell me what he thought the problem was in person or over the phone. No, we emailed. You're obviously the better option Jake. I'd even go so far as to say as you're my best option. I like you because you always put a smile on my face, whenever my phone vibrates and it's a text from you, I'm grinning from ear to ear. You just existing makes me happy. I know I was getting upset about you not texting me at the beginning of this, but that's not actually a big deal. Text me when you can, when you remember to, whenever. Have I mentioned that I really really really really really like you? I'm crazy about you❤️


So listen

I know this happened a while ago but it still just makes me so mad. Read this
And my other posts written to that ass hole.
And then he's telling me to "look inside myself and figure out what the problem is"
I don't do what you tell me to.
Never have, NEVER will.
I am no longer yours.
It's not like I really listened to you while I was anyways.
Mr. Two-years-younger-than-me
To answer your earlier email, yes, I'm depressed and I make things pretty miserable.
I'm working on changing that.
For someone who was the one who ended it, you sure email me a lot.
I'm done talking to you/about you.
There's a new someone in my life.
And it did not take long AT ALL.


Best trip ever

I got home yesterday early evening from thee best 17 days of my life so far. California. My home state. Even though I was born in Sandy, I grew up in Southern California and I will always consider it my home. It's just that it's kind of miserable here for the 6-8 month long winter. This year, we didn't really have any spring, which I guess is kinda the norm for Utah. It just jumped right in to summer🙄 I like that in California, it's pretty much always summer, or at least it is compared to here. Have I mentioned why winters suck for me? Remember all the hardware I have in me? No es muy bueno. Anyways, I hope to get out of here soon. Maybe Reno? I don't know. My mom isn't willing to help me find a place to move into. I need her to let me live my own life. So I'll work on that. Wish me luck. ✌️



While I've been here, since Monday, I've already been told I'm gorgeous like ten times lol when I said something about how crazy that is to my friend Lesha, who I'm staying with, she said well yeah, California is more about what you look like and Utah cares about what kind of person you are. I was thinking yeah maybe, but I'll take California over anywhere else, every time I have a choice. Once a California girl, ALWAYS a California girl. Plus, it's nice to have total strangers tell you you're gorgeous, beautiful. In case you haven't noticed yet, I LOVE CALIFORNIA. End of story. Both times we've gone out to dinner and the cashier at 7-Eleven have all told me how beautiful I am (the waiter we had at Claim Jumper told me I'm gorgeous 5 or 6 times.) If anything's a confidence booster, coming here is. I'm in love with the Golden State☀️ I never want to leave. Never. 



California, California, 
Baby I'm comin home😍
Where I really belong. 
How do I get out of here?
Well I buy a plane ticket. 
Every time leave, you know I'm always 2nd guessin it. 
Thinkin I'll regret it, but you know I'm comin back in the end and I've accepted it. 
I'm comin home cause I've been gone for way too long. 
Eleven years too long. 
And us California kids def got a monopoly for sure. 
If you couldn't tell, I'm just a lil excited. 
I'm finally going home for a couple weeks
And it feels so good. 
🎶reunited and it feels so good, reunited cause we understood🎶
I'm not exactly sure what feels we understood but I'm so glad we did❤️
California, prepare yourself
Because your no. 1 fan is coming home. 


A Very Night

I have had A Night. A Very one, at that. I was reminded why I don't normally let anyone get as close as I let James get. Having dated only one guy before James, this whole ordeal with James reminded me why I made sure I was the heartbreakER and not the heartbreakEE. That's probably why this hurts so much. First real heartbreak. Sheryl Crow was right. The first cut is the deepest. And when it comes to being lucky, he's first. But when it comes to loving me, he's worst. He wanted me to be all these things that I just wasn't. Have you ever had the feeling that you just want to go home, but you're already at home? Because that's what I'm experiencing right now. I either need to a) go to California, b) go to Manhattan or c) go find some remote,  exotic island getaway with a cute dog, a cute guy, or d) all of the above. Know what I'm thinking? Dan Gorman and some Hawaii would be really nice right about now. Obviously James doesn't want me anymore, if he ever really did, and since he can't do warm weather, I might as well go somewhere warm with my dream boyfriend. I hate cold weather anyways so why we still live in the state of Utah is beyond me. I liked the snow prior to Dday. But I hate it now. It makes my body hurt. Damn plates and rods of metal that replaced my pelvis and tibia/fibula. If you need me, I'll be asleep, dreaming of Dan and Hawaii. ✌️


Once upon a time

In a land far away, I was a child. 
I was a sun tanned, California child. 
But then again, you're a born-and-raised Californian.
I'm just a raised Californian. 
Once upon a time, we were going to get married. 
You say that now you don't know. 
That your gut/spirit hasn't told you that us being together is wrong. 
I hope that's not the reason you're still with me. 
"I'm just here because I haven't been told otherwise"
I know that I promised myself I wouldn't take you back this time but do you remember when you told me you love me? 
And then you keep telling me that you do?
I just hope that it's still true. 
You know that I worry that I'll never find anyone who will love me like you do. 
Bill likes to randomly remind me that I'm beautiful. 
It would seem that you two are the only ones who seem to think so. 
You guys and the random few & far between guys that stare at me from their cars on the freeway. 
You would think that that would make me feel attractive but it's not what I think about all the time. 
You are. 
I haven't seen you in a few days (or maybe it's weeks) and I miss you. 
Looks like I'm not going to see you in the next few weeks
Because beautiful Cal-I-for-ni-a (Beach Boys) is calling my name
For a few weeks
I'll be back on the 25th
At like 9
You need to finish art school anyways
And it would be best for me to not be here
So you can focus
I'm trying to not be so dependent on you but that's kind of what a husband is supposed to do. 
Take care of his wife, ya know?
I know we aren't married yet but we'll be together for the rest of our lives and I want it to be a smooth transition. 
And then I'm worried that you're going to read this and tell me that it's too whiney and depressing. 
James Walter West. This blog, MY blog, is how I express myself, how I keep myself from getting depressed. 
I don't write for you, kind of like how I don't live like anyone else would want me to. I live how I want me to so in turn I'll write how I want me to. I love you tho. 


I'm here

I am here.
I'm here in this new house, that's closer to a lot of things than my old one was. 
I'm here, still wearing the same clothes I wore yesterday. 
My moving clothes. 
The clothes I answered the door in that the shirt has orange marker all over it. 
I'm here, taking the plate of cookies that the teachers made us for mutual. 
I'm here, eating one of those cookies, offering Emma half, to which she just breaks off part of and says this is all I need, and then eats my last third of a cookie. 
I'm here, shaking my head at sisters. 
I have 6 of them, so I'd know. 
I'm here, missing you, who is not here. 
I'm here, counting the days until I can see you again. Which is two, in case you forgot. 
I'm here, kind of hungry but we don't really have any food. 
I'm here wondering how long I can live off of fruit snacks for before I run into a diahrreas since Easters problem. 
And then I'm here wondering if we even have that many things of fruit snacks. 
I'm here idly wondering how many days I can stay in this pair of clothes for before it becomes a problem. 
I'm here thinking about you. 
When am I not, really. 
I'm here remembering how happy you make me. 
I'm here wanting you to be here. 
You're not here. 
I'm here in my room wondering what that noise was. 
I'm here coming to the conclusion that I don't care enough to go find out. 
I'm hungry.
I'll go see what we have (or don't have) to eat. 


We moved. Yesterday. Not only is our new house so much bigger, which we'll talk about later, but it's so much closer to a lot of things. Suncrest wasn't on any bus routes. Now we are a lot closer to the bus route. Next, our Suncrest house was so teeny and all the houses were all right on top of each other. Now I have room to breathe, which I need. Plus, we're a growing family. Not like we're having more kids but the kids we already have are growing like crazy. Me and Emma will most likely be the shortest of the six of us. I'm taller than she is but not by much. Anyways, my room is dark green and I'm not sure how I feel about that. What does a girl have to do around here to get a purple room? Like how we painted Jacquelynne's room purple at our first house and I want it like that. Not the same shade of purple but the same style. Three lighter walls and one darker accent wall. I'll work on that. Right after I get a new bedspread because the one I currently have ripped. I'll let you know how it goes😘



I got to spend Easter with James and we egg hunted indoors because his younger sister has epilepsy and one of her triggers is bright light. I know I'm way too old to be egg hunting but it was a so much fun(: I got to meet his older sister, Ashley, who was living in Hawaii but is moving to St. George so she was up here. She is beautiful, which is always pleasant to be around. All in all, it was a good day, holiday, D all of the above. Anyways, I don't know why but James makes me so happy(: actually, I think I know why; it's this crazy little thing called love. I love you so much James😍😍😍 sometimes, I don't even know what to do with myself I love you so. There's this song called Oh Darlin by a band called Plug in Stereo that you should look up. It fits how I feel about you rather perfectly. Sorry to everyone who isn't James reading this, but I'm just really really in love❤️ Easter was great. I loved spending it with my one and only and his family😘


I love...

I love you. Period. 
I love the sun
I love the smell of fresh cut grass 
I love warm summer nights
I love green otter pops
I love when it was a sunny day that smelled like cut grass, but now it's a summer night and you're eating a green otter pop 
I love Easter, it gives me lots of chocolate
I love chocolate, even if it's awful for my skin
I love moving, if only because we're moving to a new place where no one knows us, (Cedar Hills-not Highland or Alpine) on Tuesday
I love laying in bed
I love blogging
I love clean teeth
I love laying in bed, blogging after I just brushed my teeth
I love the moon
I love the stars
I love when it's a clear night so you can see the moon and the stars
Did I mention that I love you?
I love you
I love that I'm in love with you 
I love that you're in love with me
I love that we're so in love
I love that I love
That I'm capable of falling in love again
I love that we get each other, that we just click
I love that we can tell each other anything
I love that you trust me enough to tell me all of your secrets
I love that that feeling goes both ways
I love that you really, really like Star Wars
I love that you have the capability to be that passionate about something
I hope that I can learn that from you


i miss you.

I miss you. I miss your smile. I miss your eyes, the ones that I'm not totally sure what color they are. At this point, I'm not sure if I miss the you that you are now, or if I miss the old you. As in if I miss the guy who left as soon as it got hard (which you were worried I would do) or the boy I first went out with. From before we got into trouble. Before my mom found out and made us go on a break. Before any of this happened. Before I was dumped. You tell me that this is just for now, that we’ll end up back together. My dad tells me to date around and you agree, say that's what you're going to do too, but no one ever asks me out. I was never asked to any dances. If I try to take the “piss off” sign off my head, I only get creeper, stalker guys interested. I don't get why. This has happened my whole life. Maybe I come across as way too easy. Maybe I'm too desperate for affection. You tell me that I need to tone down my open love for everyone. What would Jesus do? People hated Him and yet He still willingly died for us. I guess I'll try to tone it down, see how it goes. My other problem is that if guys think I'm cute, they don't pursue it. Don't ask me why. I wouldn't be able to tell you. While you're off doing whatever you're going to spend the next few years doing, and dating other girls, I'll just be here. By myself. Not getting asked out. And it will be good, I'll be good. I don't need a man. At least, that's what I'm going to keep telling myself. Have I mentioned that I'm so heartbroken? But, if anyone asks, I'm over it. Excuse me while I go cry my eyes out in private. 


Dear James

Why? Why did you leave? Why, if you still love me, did we break up? Breaking up is supposed to be mutual. I don't feel the same way in the slightest. I guess I can see how you thought I did, but my mom told me to tell you I also felt that way, which is a far cry from the truth, and you knew that she did, because I got in the truck and told you. I spent an hour in therapy last night crying about you and the whole situation we're in. I want you to come back. I want you to stay. You tell me that you're sad about this too and that you're an emotional disaster, but if that's the case, then why are you still gone? How long is this supposed to last? You told me before all this bullshit went down that you were wanting to propose or something before you left but I'm sure that's not the case anymore, so I guess that was bullshit too. I know I told you that I've never really gone on dates but now that you're done with me, it looks like I'm doomed to be a lonely loner, a spinster for the rest of my life. So thanks. You were my only hope. I know I told you that I'd wait for you, and while part of me still wants to, most of me doesn't want to. Get married to someone else, be the most beautiful bride, send you pictures and be like see? This is what you could've had. I might but that would require me to actually date someone. Someone who likes me enough to pop the question. I don't want to, I just want to date you. My dad says that it just shows you what kind of man they are if when things get a little hard, they gtfo, run to the hills. Not his exact words but you get the point. I just never thought that would be you. You don't even have the balls to say "I think we should break up" you say your bishop told you to and that you're trying to follow what he said. Hiding behind other people. The worst part of all this is if I say I'm ashamed of your behavior, then why am I asking you to stay? I don't really know. I guess it's because I just woke up and the thought that the other side of the bed might always be empty breaks me. Come back.

❤️ Kik


Patriot? Act

Honestly, I think they need to google "patriot" but wait no, we don't have privacy rights since 9/11. For the last 11 years, everything I thought about this country has been a filthy lie. Why people are flocking to America is beyond me. "Yes! Let's go to America where they say we have privacy rights, but don't give us any privacy, that sounds so fun!" Close our borders Obama. Maybe then you'll have finally done something right in your two terms served in office. I see that you've gone gray at your temples, courtesy of said terms. United States of America, a country of revoked rights. Revoked 27 days after my 6th birthday. October 26, 2001. Of all the things that have happened in my life that I can't remember so far, 9/11 is one of the ones I vividly remember. It was a Tuesday. I was at school. My second grade teacher, who I remember was a boy but not his name, turns on the tv and all of us watch, in horror if you're me but confused if you're any other 2nd grader, as our Twin Towers are rather maliciously crashed into, claiming 2,996 lives. Can this week be over already? Nope. Do you presidential official people know the definition of patriot? 
Here it is, in case you guys didn't know. Where- no, how in the H-E-double hockey sticks do you associate the word patriot with what you guys are doing? Patriot also means father and if this act is the patriot of anything, it's the father of you governmentalists' lies. I always thought I wanted to go into the marines or something, but now that I realize this, there's no way I'm going to raise a finger to protect the lies that this country stands for. Give me back my privacy rights and my right to arm bears or bear arms, and then we'll talk about it. Everything I've ever thought I knew is a lie. You might be wondering why if this act was passed so long ago, am I just now getting upset with it and I have been living with my head in the dirt for the last 15.8 years.


This week

Has been my brain boot camp. It's called Cognitive fx and it's in Provo so I've been staying with Billiam's parents who live like ten minutes from it. It's the same exact place that the NFL sends players who've had too many concussions, speaking of which, do you know Austin Collie who played for the Colts, the 9ers, and the Patriots? He's one of my therapists, so that's cool. Another of my therapists, Jake, got his masters in massage therapy and the massages he's given me are hands down the best I've ever gotten/I'll ever get. It's really exciting. KC and Patsy told me after two days of it that my speech has gotten a lot better. I hope that I can keep getting better from here. I'm going to see Kung Fu Panda 3 with James on Saturday and I hope that he sees lots of improvement in me. I also hope that soon after I'm done here, I can get a job, preferably at In-n-out because they pay really well, but we'll just have to see. I'm really very excited to find out what else life has for me though. Today made me really tired, which my mom says is good because that means they worked me, idk what they were doing all the other days if it wasn't work but that's my mom for ya. All I know is I'm really going to sleep like a baby tonight, which I have all the other nights, but tonight is going to be even moe so, I feel. Speaking of sleep, I think I'm out. Deuces✌
This is me and the director of Cognitive fx Rett. Kinda cool, right?


Guess what?

Know my dear Vance blog?
Well now it's my love letters to the dead blog, finally. 
It's about time. 
I'm just sad it took me this long. 
Go check it out(:
Please and thank you(:


This just in.

There's no more cake. No but seriously, remember how my plan was to marry James in a few months? Well jokes on you, I'm actually sending him on a mission, hopefully by this time next year. I'm hoping to go on a service mission while he's gone. And then when he gets back, hopefully we'll then get married. Tell me to take luck. 
I seriously love him so much. 
He was saying yesterday that I love him to an infinite power and he told me that there's no number that could express how much he loves me. 
Total keeper, right?
I always want to yell "I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!"
Because I am so in love and I really really don't care who knows it. 
I want the whole damn world to know that I'm in love with James Walter West. 
And no, not from the movie. 
This one. 
The exciting thing is he loves me too. 
I was his first, I'll be his last, I'll be his only. 
The crazy thing is that we both thought we would never find anyone. 
And now we have each other. 
I hope you don't mind me being so sappy and cheesy. 
I'm probably going to just be sappy and cheesy anyways. 
I'm so in love. 
It is so great. 


Swimming in the sewers

So one time, Kyle Nelson had this ingenious idea
One of many brilliant ideas
Paris got too crowded because
Everyone wants to live in Paris
So he created a life underground.
I don't know about you, but I would gladly live underground if I got to live under Paris. Here's the video of him explaining his thought process leading up to the underground world of Paris.


A good cause

From the bottom of my heart (not totally sure how that became a saying, why not like the left side of my heart?) I'm asking for you kind-hearted, loving, generous people to help me pay for this brain camp in a few weeks. Cognitive FX in Provo, look it up if you want to know more about it. Please, please, please. Otherwise, I'll be paying it off for the rest of my life. I don't think insurance will cover very much, if any of it. This is coming as a result of the traumatic brain injury I received when I was 16. I really think that this camp will work wonders for me. I'm tired of always coming up short in life. I cannot stress how much it's going to mean for not only me, but my family and the people I come in contact with later, for you to help me pass another milestone in my life. Please.



First 2016 Post

In case you didn't know, it's 2016.
I don't feel like that really means anything but people are telling me that this is my year, whatever that means.
What's new this year, it's been four years since Vance made the dumbest decision known to mankind.
I'm still not over it. 
This is the first year I've entered with a boyfriend. 
Which is kind of surprising really. 
Guess it just means that I wasn't as hot as I thought I was.
This is the first year that things are changing. 
It's also the first year I've started out on Social Security benefits. 
Not too stoked about that. 
Twenty-sixteen is the year me and James were planning to going to get married but now, I get to send him on a mission, whilst preparing to go on one myself. So that's exciting.
I'm pumped. 
This year is also the year most of my friends get home from missions. 
I'm excited for that too. 
This year is chalk full of possibilities. 
I find people like Austin/Bubba and Dillon rather funny really because none of the guys before James have made me strive to be a better person and I'm real excited to have him for forever. 
So there's that. 
I also have brain camp for a week starting February 15th and I'm excited to see how I improve. James is skeptical but I always say oh ye of little faith. 
The NFL sends players who've had too many concussions to this same camp and they're pretty well known for their results. Bring it on.
And eventually, I'll go on a mission this year.
Be that a proselyting mission or just a service mission, I don't really know.
I thought I wanted to serve a proselyting one, but especially now that there's so many other factors, I'm not sure,
Other than that, I don't totally have a lot of plans for the year, other than turning 21 in September but that's a long ways away. 
In case you couldn't tell I'm really pumped for this year. 


a real woman can do it all by herself, but a real man won't let her.
i would rather die of passion than die of boredom.
a bad attitude is like a flat tire; you can't go anywhere till you change it.
your naked body should only belong to those who fall in love with your naked soul.
what comes easy, won't last and what lasts, won't come easy.
today is the first blank page of a 365 book. write a good one.
listen to your heart, even if it takes you all the way to California.
i mean, i could have done my homework today, but i also could have committed murder. so there's that.
it is what it is.
at the beach, life is different; time doesn't move hour to hour, but rather, mood to moment. we move with the currents, play by the tides, and follow the sun.
its not whether you win or lose. its whether or not you have the balls to fight.
everytime i fall, i get back up again.
you dont got to lie, just keep going faster babe, faster babe, why? im on your side, just keep going faster babe, faster bye bye...you just gotta speed a little faster when you drive.
it's all a part of bein young in the two thousand somethin
i don't believe in love at first sight, i believe in makin love tonight.
love notes, written on the streets in chalk, she's a run away train, with a strut in her walk, broken glass in the gutter, yelling at your mother, on the pay phone saying you'll be back by the summer, she's with me now mama, she's with me now mama.
before youre old and wise, gotta be young and dumb.
so we give em a reason, come and catch us, but dont hold your breath.